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Uncover five different aspects of your personality. How calm, outgoing, openminded, easy-going and organised are you?

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You have an afternoon free and a friend wants you to join them and go hang out with some friends of theirs that you haven’t met before. Do you …


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The person sitting next to you can’t figure out how to do a homework question and asks for your help. Do you…

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Your teacher tells you that this week is art week. Do you…

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Your parent/caregiver goes into your room to tell you dinner is ready. Will they…

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You hear that someone is spreading rumours about you… How do you handle it?

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You’ve got an exam coming up soon, do you…

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You disagree with a friend about something. Do you…

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It’s your turn to choose what you do on weekends with your family. Do you…

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When you get given an assignment, do you…

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In general, when my friends describe me they would say that…

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Someone posts a really embarrassing photo of you on Instagram. Do you…

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Your friend is upset. They’ve been fighting with their girlfriend/boyfriend again. Would you…

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When you need to come up with new ideas or debate hard topics you tend to …

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You’ve agreed to hang out with a friend next Friday. On Wednesday you get a call from them to figure out what the game plan is. Have you…

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